Going Green

Green Report: Conservation in a Dental Practice

We believe that a sustainable practice is a ‘green’ practice and ecological concern is evident here. The current technological infrastructure in the practice is in keeping with “conservation through innovation”.
Digital systems are in place to take and process x-rays that reduce radiation exposure and provide an ecological alternative to waste chemicals and lead-backed film.

Improved efficiency, better record keeping, and improved patient care and communication are further reasons we use digital instead of film-based imaging. 

Paperless technology is also used to manage your clinical chart. Data collected using these methods is securely backed-up via solid state drives that consume less energy, produce less heat, generate no noise, that are potentially less failure prone, and store-retrieve and process data much faster than traditional hard drives. We have invested heavily in workstations that provide the best balance of speed and ecological benefit.


Recycling services include appropriate equipment and electronics recycling only after workstations, servers and monitors have been utilized to their maximum useful lifespan. When we purchase equipment we think through energy requirements and disinfection protocols. We also put in good old-fashioned effort to ‘take the cardboard to the recycling bins’ every week.

We power-down I/T equipment when not in use to save electricity, the generation of heat, the wear on devices and thus overall cost.

The use of available dental materials, free of potential allergens is always a priority.  We are a Latex-Free office.
Your digital paperless clinical chart and scheduling/reminder system is also unique. We use specially designed software that is a secure electronic solid-state technology.  We email appointment reminders that can be confirmed by a click of a single button. The software is considered a medical device and is actually a certified device in Canada.