Smart Tech

We are a Latex-Free office and use available dental materials free of allergens. For example, our synethic white fillings and sealants are BPA-free.

We strive to use world-class equipment

We use a Zeiss ProErgo dental operating microscope to complete certain treatments that require extraordinary optics, precision, illumination and visualization. Better vision enables strong diagnostic and treatment quality. The equipment itself is highly sought after and is a critical microsurgical instrument also used in other disciplines such as ophthalmology, neurosurgery and dermatology. Minimally invasive dentistry is always our goal. In certain cases, it also allows for fewer visits. For more information, click here.

Lasers are occasionally used in patient treatments to assist treatment outcomes. A soft-tissue diode laser has shown to be effective in ablating excess amounts of gum tissue and creating more esthetic and cleansable results

A sterilization system is in effect and is continuously monitored to ensure 100% compliance and quality control. Another example of smart tech is the use of medical grade computer keyboards with touch-sensor surfaces that can withstand repeated treatment with standard clinical disinfectants. Visit, for great patient-oriented information on this Canadian product.

A 3-D x-ray unit is also an essential and truly incredible part of our clinical diagnostic service. Of the most remarkable breakthroughs in modern radiology, the 3-D unit is a workhorse in characterizing micro-pathology (like tooth lesions, cysts, cracks, etc) as well as mapping kout the topography of planned implant sites (including the sinuses) and TMJ (jaw joint) anatomy. The technology has advanced so much in the past decade (from limited use as a research tool) that it is utilized in our office in some way every single day. The radiation dosing is similar to what one would receive from being outside for limited amounts of time.

Your digital paperless clinical chart is also remarkable. We use AbelDent software that is a secure electronic solid-state technology with a 28-year success record that continues to evolve and optimize patient scheduling. Look for new portals and less effort to make appointments in the future. We email appointment reminders that can be confirmed by a click of a single button. The software is considered a medical device and is certified in Canada.

The AbelDent software makes it easy for patients to understand recommended treatment– for instance, a patient education system called Optio is integrated and provides 3D animations of common dental problems and procedures and this also helps with consent.

Backup equipment / emergency readiness

A backup mobile unit with independent compressor/water supply and inserts allows your treatment to be completed whether or not a snowstorm cut off the power supply! The same mobile equipment creates opportunity for an emergency home visit when a situation arises for a patient who may be unable to visit us. Emergency medical equipment on-site that exceeds the provincial regulatory requirement includes pressured oxygen and a defibrillator.