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West Calgary Dental Group is always happy to take appointments from new patients seeking excellent dental services in atmosphere we strive to make relaxing and comfortable. Your comfort is our top priority, and at West Calgary Dental Group, we want you to feel at home.

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Retiring soon?

Individuals preparing for retirement should plan to review their oral situation to minimize surprises and maximize benefits. Our dentist will take the time to study and explain the patterns of your teeth and bite that may be destructive in the future! We will help you understand your insurance benefits and offer advice for transitioning to after-job benefits. We can formulate a plan to complete any necessary treatment and be in a positive position and dental condition before retirement begins! In many cases, when retirement begins, benefits end.

We do second opinions

A complementary consultation permits a no-hassle first visit with the dentist to briefly discuss any or all situations of concern. It may be that a general comprehensive exam is desired to ensure nothing is missing from recommendations (or the lack of concern) form elsewhere. We can document and review existing conditions and latent concerns that may need fresh recommendations for treatment as a second opinion, without pressure for our office to complete treatment. Rather, our dentists can recommend treatment and provide a written plan with photographs for a patient to freely revisit with their current provider and keep a good relationship golden.