Payment Information

The dentists are available to meet in person with individuals who want additional time to discuss treatment. We have a comfortable seating area that is private to discuss any concern.  Often, patients will wish to discuss financial arrangements in private with and administrative team member.. We will not know the details of a benefit plan apart from what patients disclose but we are here to make for smooth insurance submissions.

Value is demonstrated: Trust is earned

We wholeheartedly embrace the results of research by the Canadian Dental Association that describe successful patient-dentist relationships.

Clear communication not withstanding, trust still reinforces and sustains the value patients place on dentists and the important services they provide. Please know that we strive to be up-front about fees and policies, that costs are “all-in” for proposed treatment, a written estimate is provided before treatment, and if there are any changes, they will be discussed appropriately. When we discuss treatment, we let the patient know the amount of time necessary for a procedure, the steps involved and if follow-up appointments will be required. We explain the benefits of treatment and consequences of foregoing it, and the possibility of future costs to deal with a bigger problem. Fortunately, we can usually provide up to 3 alternatives and will always list them in order of quality—relating to longevity, maintenance requirements, and overall value.

West Calgary Dental Group is happy to offer Direct Insurance Billing.  We take payment from most insurance companies; public or private, as long as they will assign the benefits to us.

The following information can be obtained from your card, booklet or online:

  • Insurance company name
  • Policy or Group number
  • Certificate or Identification number
  • Yearly maximum (if any)
  • Deductible (if any)
  • Percentage of coverage for Basic and Major treatment
  • Coverage year (this may be a calendar year or other)
  • Frequency limitations of exams, cleaning, fluoride etc, as well as units of scaling.

We would be happy to assist you in acquiring this information although this may delay treatment. If your employer or insurance company has provided you with a coverage guide this would be useful for us to have. If you wish to know more exactly what would be covered for a specific treatment or if you are having major treatment we can send for pre-authorization to your insurance company. In some cases this takes a few weeks for approval and may be available only to the subscriber. We request a copy of this in advance of treatment.

In many cases, your insurance company will not cover 100 percent of your treatment or the insurance company fee guide may pay at a lower rate than our office. This is handled in a few different ways:

  • If your insurance company provides us with an explanation of benefits the balance will be due on the day of service.
  • If your insurance company does not, or will not provide us with an explanation of benefits a pre-authorized credit card will be kept on file and used when payment is received from insurance.
  • In rare cases if we do not receive an explanation of benefits and the patient cannot provide a credit card we will collect a deposit based on our best estimate of the co-payment. This amount will be kept on account and you will be asked to keep it “topped-up” as treatment progresses.

Please be aware that we are offering this as a service to our patients. Responsibility for payment still rests with the account holder as does providing our administration staff with correct and current insurance information.