Seniors, and those who care for them, want the very best that modern dentistry has to offer in order to retain teeth longer, chew more solid foods, and benefit from a pleasing smile free of discomfort.

We delight in providing care that is patient-focused, paced appropriately, and that defines value and trust.

Many would be surprised to know that age does not exclude people from receiving dental implants, for instance. Dental implants support natural appearing crowns that feel normal and are both dependable and fairly easy to maintain, compared with natural teeth. For instance, a dental implant-crown will never get a cavity, nor will it ever need a root canal and is generally plaque resistant. With a water-pik, an electric toothbrush, and regular preventive visits with our hygiene team, a solid bite can be maintained and teeth won’t be “falling” or embarrassing.

The key is the quality of the care and planning that goes into the replacement, whether single tooth or complex arch form. Planning is always customized and is the direct link to an excellent final result. It need not be rushed, and we encourage the caregiver or family member who normally accompanies one to the dental visits to sit in and learn of the range of possibilities. Just as for all patients, a careful review of one’s overall health, medical history and list of medications is our standard.

Our clinic has parking for those who need special assistance, an elevator to the second floor, and an accessible bathroom. The clinic features ample space in the operatories, solid dividing walls and glass paned doors for privacy, as well as extra seating for accompanying caregivers. We have blankets, pillows and comfortable plush dental chairs. We also offer ‘laughing gas’ and oral conscious sedation if you’d like to try something new or if you feel having extra oxygen just makes you feel better.

We look forward to helping you at your pace and provide a written estimate for any treatment proposed. Please take advantage of the Alberta senior benefit that assists with affordability in care, and also know that our fees are aligned with government standards and guides.

Please let us know if there are things we can do to make your experience first-class. Do keep us up-to-date with any address or contact information changes, as the years go by, and the name of any caregiver or family member who may be asked to assist with your care.

Finally, if circumstances are such that you would benefit from an in-home consultation, or a good old fashioned house-call, please let us know.

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