Dr. Morden is a graduate of the University of Alberta (DDS., 2002), Simon Fraser University (MSc., 2001) and Trinity Western University (BSc., 1995). He is a full-time clinician who places high value on research, education and relationships.

He recounts how important past mentorships have been for the development of his clinical skills and cites the impact individuals like Drs. Charlie Cann (Cold Lake AB), Kirk Chambers (Edmonton, AB) and Daniel Buser (Bern, Switzerland) continue to have as one strives for excellence.

In 2004 he formed the West Calgary Dental Group out of an amicable merger of the long-standing and decades-old practices of Drs. Mitenko and Innes. The effect of their close mentorship and friendship with Dr. Morden— and abundant goodwill to patients is still so evident today.

Dr. Morden is married to the love of his life who happens to also be a physician and together they have four wonderful children. He enjoys swimming, kayaking, spending time in the mountains and flying light aircraft. At one time, he worked as a dentist/pilot in fly-in clinics on First-nations reserves in northern Alberta. For 30 years he has been an active pilot and continues to develop his interest with advanced licensing and ratings.

On this account the clinic’s aeronautical theme blends the importance of precision, teamwork, and professionalism. The team itself is trained to deliver predictable, safe and dependable service and thrives on “getting it right” for which Dr. Morden is forever indebted.